Supreme Rubber’s rubber is manufactured at our premises and is blended with imported chemicals.  We can provide you with a shore hardness ranging from 18 to 100 degrees.  The types of rubber we supply include Hypalon, Silicone, Neoprene, Natural, Nitrile, Ebonite and EPDM. We also specialize in the grooving of rollers.

We offer our customers rollers of high quality at competitive prices.  Great emphasis is placed on service.  Our factory staff takes great pride in ensuring that a high standard is maintained at all times by carrying out a quality control prior to rollers leaving our factory.

Supreme Rubber’s factory foreman has many years of rubber mixing accredited to him and our staff is always ready to assist you, should you have any problems regarding rubber.  Our dynamic marketing team is always willing to assist our customers in every possible way and will ensure that you have the best service.

Supreme Rubber’s delivery period is between 3 – 5 working days, however critical jobs will be given priority. Our high quality rollers and service normally compliment our professional workmanship.